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ANZ Banking Group

Strong NGO partnerships enabled: working together creates real change


The brief: 

In examining future NGO partnership opportunities, ANZ wanted to understand the different possible models of partnership it might consider, as well as looking at a range of different organisations that might be candidates for partnership. 

Our solution: 

Futureye developed an analytical framework, setting out six different models of partnership ranging from simple philanthropy and volunteering through to partnerships for socially responsible business, and ‘thought leading’ transformation. 

Futureye developed five best practice case studies in each of the six categories, with one in-depth study in each category. Futureye used these studies to make recommendations about the benefits, weaknesses, and resource implications of the categories of partnership. Futureye also examined a wide range of potential partner organisations, providing detail to ANZ about their activities and partnership experience. The results, along with strategic recommendations, were summarised in a report for key ANZ executives. 

The result: 

As a result, ANZ has a sound understanding of all of its options for pursuing partnerships with NGOs, and a strong analytical basis for considering the opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of different types of partnership. Futureye also provided advice on forest policy accountability framework and reputation risk.