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Activist Engagement

When activists take issue with the operations or values of an organisation, their views can very quickly gain broader public support and increase pressure on the organisation to change. Futureye has substantial experience engaging with activists on behalf of organisations to reduce the risks posed by an activist campaign.

We specialise in helping organisations respond to negative public campaigns against them in a way that turns a confrontational activist environment into a collaborative one.

If an organisation is continually being held to account by passionate interest groups (particularly against the will of the company), it increases the likelihood that the public will see the need for increased supervisory regulation.

Rather than ignoring the concerns of activists or trying to discredit them, our approach is to listen and acknowledge the views of activists to enable a rational discussion about the facts.

Our activist engagement services include:

  • Activist mapping
  • Activist engagement strategy
  • Activist profiles
  • Activist activity reports
  • Issues management

Please contact Futureye's Melbourne Office on +61 3 8636 1111 or info@futureye.com.