Futureye Real solutions to real dilemmas


When issues and situations are complex and emotionally charged - and the stakes high for all sides – ineffective communications can escalate conflict, anger and outrage. Futureye can help organisations anticipate risk, minimise conflict and resolve dilemmas through open and transparent communication and engagement.

Futureye specialises in helping organisations deal with the concerns of agitated or upset people. Left unabated, these concerns can quickly spread and rapidly gain broader public support.

Our approach is to communicate with agitated or upset people about the underlying emotional aspects of an issue to enable a constructive and rational conversation to take place. Successfully implemented, this technique improves the dialogue between parties dramatically and reduces the risks associated with a negative reputation.

Our communication services include:

  • Risk communications
  • Crisis communications
  • Government relations
  • Media monitoring
  • Issues tracking
  • Media releases
  • Communication audits
  • Communication planning
  • Social media services

Please contact Alex Messina, Director, Communications on +61 3 8636 1111 alexm@futureye.com.