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The Power of Outrage

By not dealing with outrage effectively, every business, organisation and industry is putting itself at the mercy of activists, the media, politicians and regulators.

Most businesses and industries struggle to deal with criticism and negative public attention. Although they wish the voices of activists, the media or the community would just go away, they constantly find themselves powerless to stop outrage from growing, no matter what they say or do.

Often, they don’t understand what they’re doing to cause such outrage and what exactly the problem seems to be. They end up choosing to ignore their “irrational” critics or discredit them with technical information and expert testimony, making them even more angry and determined to get themselves heard.

All the while, the public watches on and picks its side. Predictably, the public supports the “good guys”. Invariably, businesses and industries are the “bad guys”.

When businesses or industries find themselves besieged by outrage, they become vulnerable to political and regulatory forces. Control over their future is ripped straight from their hands and placed squarely in those of politicians and regulators forced to respond to the public’s concerns.