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Reputation Management

When an organisation is forced to address public concerns about its operations, existing systems, cultures and staff members can often be obstacles to effectively responding to those concerns. Futureye can help organisations improve internal systems to manage reputational risks and improve actual performance.

Futureye specialises in developing systems and practices within organisations that assist them in identifying and managing emerging concerns and in preparing them for internal change.

Our approach is to combine staff engagement with international best practice to determine the current obstacles to change and develop strategies to overcome them. This allows organisations to sense changing public expectations and adapt accordingly, rather than react to pressure from regulators to change.

Our reputation management services include:

  • Cultural readiness assessments
  • Change management
  • Skills audits
  • Internal systems audit
  • Human rights policy
  • Climate change policy

 Please contact Katherine Teh-White, MD on katherine@futureye.com or +61 3 8386 1111.