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Risk Analysis

Reputational risks arise whenever public perceptions of an organisation’s performance fall short of expectations. Identifying and understanding what issues and events increase reputational risks gives organisations the opportunity to address and resolve them before they become unmanageable. Futureye can identify, track and assess the reputational risks facing an organisation and develop indicators and implement strategies to reduce them.

We provide a unique insight into the risks facing an organisation through the Futureye Curve, which charts the maturity of an issue over time to assess the likelihood of pressure for increased political and regulatory oversight.

Our approach is to combine strategic foresight tools like the Futureye Curve with traditional and new media scanning to determine the risks facing a project and develop strategies to address them.

Our risk analysis services include:

  • Strategic foresight
  • Scenario planning
  • PESTLE analysis (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, Environmental)
  • Issues tracking
  • Social performance auditing
  • Futureye Curve analysis

Please contact Katherine Teh-White, MD on katherine@futureye.com or +61 3 8386 1111.