Futureye Real solutions to real dilemmas


When people or activist groups become concerned about the impact of an organisation’s operations, it can quickly affect a company’s commercial interests. Futureye provides specialised corporate and risk communications strategy to protect organisations from the uncertain outcomes of community concern and public outrage.

Futureye has identified that when gaps exist between stakeholder expectations and perceived performance, an organisation’s vulnerability to political and regulatory forces grows.

Our approach is to reduce the gap between stakeholder expectations and perceived company performance by using a five-point Social Licence to Operate Methodology:

  1. Understand the audience and identify the highly-involved stakeholders.
  2. Understand expectations using the Futureye Curve.
  3. Determine whether expectations are based on technical issues or emotional concerns.
  4. Understand the link between the audience and external forces.
  5. Identify and measure the gaps between expectations and perceived performance.

Our strategy services include:

  • Social Licence to Operate strategy
  • Foresight and scenario planning
  • Issues management
  • Outrage mitigation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Activist engagement
Please contact Katherine Teh-White, MD on katherine@futureye.com or +61 3 8386 1111.