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Futureye provides internationally-recognised learning programs and workshops to help people and organisations deal with public concerns about the impact of their operations. We also customise workshops to suit the requirements of any organisation and make it relevant to whatever issue they are facing.

For details about when our next learning programs and workshops will be running, please view the Futureye Learning Calendar or contact us to secure your place.

Futureye offers the following learning programs and workshops:

  • Social Licence to Operate

This program introduces the key concepts and strategies that help organisations build and maintain a Social Licence to Operate.

  • Risk Communications

Futureye has run risk communications workshops for more than ten years, equipping people and organisations with the concepts and tools to address community concerns and reduce regulatory and political risks.

  • Stakeholder Management

We run a number of different stakeholder management workshops that help organisations map their stakeholders and introduce strategies to address stakeholder concerns.

  • Media Training

Our media training program prepares public affairs staff, executives and directors

  • Social Media

Our social media program introduces the tools and techniques necessary to engage with stakeholders over social media and provides strategies to minimise reputational risks online,

  • Customised Program

Futureye can customise workshops and programs to suit the requirements of any organisation and the issues they currently face.

Please contact Futureye's Melbourne office on +61 3 8636 1111 or info@futureye.com