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Our Approach

Futureye’s approach is to reduce the gap between stakeholder expectations and perceived company performance. Depending on the circumstances, this can involve adjusting stakeholder expectations, improving actual company performance or a combination of both.

Futureye has identified that when gaps exist between stakeholder expectations and perceived performance, the views of a small but vocal minority can quickly gain broader support and affect a company’s reputation.  As the negative public attention grows, so too does the company’s vulnerability to political and regulatory forces.

To protect itself from the uncertain outcomes of community concern and public outrage, a company must earn the acceptance and trust of its stakeholders and the community. We call this acceptance a social licence to operate.

Futureye has a unique approach to helping companies earn and maintain their social licence to operate.

A significant part of our methodology is based on an understanding of how people perceive a company’s performance and the risks associated with its operations. Unlike experts, who analyse risk from a technical or “hazard” standpoint, ordinary people look at the emotional factors involved in an issue to determine how they will be affected.
World renowned risk communications expert and Futureye associate Dr Peter Sandman calls this emotional aspect of risk “outrage”.
Addressing outrage is integral to improving how a company communicates with its stakeholders and the general public in order to close the gap between expectations and perceived performance.

You can read more about Futureye’s Social Licence to Operate methodology here: