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Speaking Engagements

Futureye staff members are available to speak at public events, industry conferences and other functions on a range of topics. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your event and tailor a presentation to suit your event.

Our most sought after speakers include:

Katherine Teh-White

Katherine is a dynamic and informative public speaker. Her keynote presentations focus on a range of topics including strategy in the new era, trust building, reputation, social responsibility and sustainable development.


D. Alex Messina

Director of Communications, Alex has more than 20 years experience in public speaking, addressing both business and government on a wide range of topics. He uses his deep knowledge of audience and message to deliver entertaining and ultimately memorable speeches.


Cath Smith

A seasoned communicator, Cath has extensive experience in social and environmental policy and communications. Cath's expertise include stakeholder analysis, policy development and strategic planning.



For further details about our speakers, or to book a speaker for your event please contact:

Claxton on +61 2 9909 0033 or visit www.claxtonspeakers.com

Melbourne office +61 3 8636 1111 or email info@futureye.com