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WikiCurve is an on-line crowd-source tool that lets everyone have a say in building an understanding of the key events and ideas that shaped community attitudes on important events. 

Futureye is partnering with Fairfax to use WikiCurve as the basis for a conversation with Australia on the question 'should the government decriminalise drugs?'. See WikiCurve on the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

We are also partnering with the Stakeholder Forum to engage the global NGO community on the issues relating to the Rio+20 Earth Summit

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WikiCurve is based on two fundamental principles:

  1. People care about issues that impact their lives and want to be able to engage meaningfully; and
  2. Issues evolve and develop over time through key events shaping societal acceptance of change.
The rise of social media has made it easy for everyone to voice their opinion on important issues. The problem is, organisations find it difficult to get a sensible picture of community attitudes from the noise of social media. WikiCurve provides a framework that creates a ‘sensible picture’ of the evolution of the issue.

The theory behind WikiCurve draws from a range of disciplines including technology maturation, sociology and network theory. It has been shown to give robust insights for even the deepest specialist in any given topic. 

The status quo is difficult to change and when the first ideas emerge the status quo isn’t impacted. But through activism, issues evolve and can become themselves issues that are part of the mainstream way of thinking. WikiCurve shows the key events that have shaped community attitudes and opinions. The position on the curve shows how developed (or ‘mature’) the opinions are on the issue.

During each phase, critical events happen that helps to shape our attitude. They could be as dramatic as an oil spill, an upcoming global Summit or a political event. Media interest in a visionary leader, could spark discussion of an issue or sway public opinion. Even the release of a popular movie can have an impact on opinion development. WikiCurve is designed to encourage individuals to identify events that have shaped their attitude and ideas on an issue. The rest of the community can comment on these events, create new events and log their opinion. Through involvement the understanding of an issue will deepen and broaden for better policy-making and industry decision-making.

To see WikiCurve in action, go to www.wikicurve.org, or to see the test site, go to phase3.wikicurve.org.